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Ok, I finally added a few more links as of November, 2003!  Whew!

Some Lord of the Rings costuming-related Links

The One Ring Circus - Our group has won best of show at Baycon 2003 and San Diego Comic-Con 2003.   We're flabbergasted!  Come share in our amazement!
Alley Cat Scratch - the ultimate Lord of the Rings costuming page.  This has more information than you can shake a cat at.  Incredibly impressive stuff.
Leah's Samwise Costume Page - The One Ring Circus's Sam, she inspired me to start really working on the Frodo-costume, and her page is an excellent resource for LOTR costuming.  Go, Leah!
The Stitchin' Babes!  One of the babes created the One Ring Circus Merry costume, the other Gimli.  Both are amazingly talented and dedicated seamstresses.  Go and worship before their mightiness!
Audrey Carol's costuming page - This isn't just LOTR, but she did the Frodo-coat you see on my page, and she's a fan, so I'm squeezing it in here.  She is an absolute joy to work with!
Took for a Fool - The Pippin-costuming page of a fan from Ireland, who was first inspired to recreate our favorite Took when she saw Leah's Samwise page!  Yay!
Ambera's Costuming Page - She is another Frodo costumer and a talented cartoonist.  She even did some images inspired by the One Ring Circus!

A Couple Piratical Links

Tales of the Seven Seas - ARRR!  I recently joined this group of scurvy sea-dogs!
The Royaliste - This replica of a mid-1700's bomb-ketch currently  hails from the vicinity of the San Francisco Bay.  Her captain aids and abets the Tales of the Seven Seas.  Check out the Royaliste's page.  Have you ever seen a more beautiful pirate than this?
The Pyracy Pub - A place for all sorts of scum and villainy to exchange stories, diseases...oh, and to post messages...
International Talk Like a Pirate Day! - I hang out in the "Ask Cap'n Slappy" area a bit.  Guess who I am, if ye dare!  Funniest damned pirate site in the universe.

An Artistic Friend or Two...or Three...

Gryffon, Dragon and Wolf - Good friends, who happen to make amazing incense, candles, soaps, and other stuff!
Wyvernwell - AKA the Samwise Gamgee costume maven!  Not only can she do amazing Hobbit impersonations, she's an extremely talented artist!
Dragondreams - This person is single-handedly responsible for getting me to want to draw people.  Way back in high school, I saw her exquisite renderings of characters, and was inspired.  I'm honored to be her friend.
Unibear fashions - She does beautiful sewing, from corsets, to capes, to full-out theatrical costumes, and she does so at an incredibly magnanimous price!  Not only that, she's been one of my dearest friends since high school!
Magic!  And I mean REAL Magic! Santiago is another wonderful friend from high school (and I won't even confess how long that's been)!  He is a magician.  A real one.  A professional, talented magician, and he also designs web pages, GM's a mean game of GURPS, acts, directs, and bazillions of other cool things.

A Few Really Cool Fic Links and Stuff...

There and Back Again - A beautifully designed website with all sorts of artwork and information about the Lord of the Rings and all things Tolkien.  Also features Leah's Shire Born Rogues series!

The Mushrooms - My very favorite G and PG-rated Lord of the Rings fanfiction.