Frodo's Suspenders and Trousers
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The Suspenders were fun and easy.  I purchased undyed canvas x-back suspenders from a supplier of 18th century reenactment clothing and other items.  I then dyed them with Taupe RIT dye as an underlayer, then painted concentrated Cocoa Brown RIT dye in abstract patterns atop that, to imitate the worn look of the ones in the movie and added x-patterns over all of the previous layers.  I then replaced the double button tabs on the front of the suspenders with singles, just cutting out leather in the right shapes, doubling them over, and glueing the shapes in place with Goop, then creating slits for the buttons to go through.

The actual suspenders, apparently, were inkle-woven on a loom, but I am much too lazy to learn how to do something that difficult and time-consuming! Although at first they were believed to have an x-pattern like the one I painted on mine, it's now looking less likely that is the case. Ah well. You win some, you lose some. I still am happy with mine!

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The pants I wore for Baycon 03 were a pair of brown velvet women's trousers I bought on eBay and hemmed to the proper length.  Like the ones in the movie, they have no pockets in back, but two in front.  Unlike the ones in the movie, they have a zipper and a button, rather than a two-button placket. However, Kel (Merry) of O.R.C. made me a wonderful pair of perfect Hobbit breeches in exchange for help on making her ears!  They are just beautiful, of brown cotton velvet, with a drop-front placket and everything!  Not only did she make them, she made them fast and well at the last minute!  (Note to time, lengthen suspenders and wear pants lower!)

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